310 Simmons Road, Suite K     Knoxville, TN  37922      Phone:  865-671-2281     Fax:  865-671-2283
Land Development Solutions (LDS) is a Civil Engineering Design and Land Surveying Firm firm founded by E. J. (Rusty) Baksa, Jr. and located in Knoxville, TN. LDS specializes in site and utilities design. Our goal is to provide our Clients with cost-effective solutions to land development problems while mitigating impacts on adjacent facilities and the environment. We recognize that understanding our Client's needs is essential to providing quality services. Each project undertaken has a detailed scope of services generated through a process that actively includes the Client.

Typical services provided include: Planning and design of site development plans for public facilities, residential and shopping center developments, restaurants, offices, and industrial sites; Design of stormwater detention facilities, storm drain systems, erosion control facilities, and hydrology analysis of floodway elevations and boundaries; Planning and design of streets and highways, intersection improvements, signalization, and traffic impact studies; Planning and design of water, sanitary sewer, and natural gas utility services. Boundary and topography surveying, ALTA / ASCM surveys.